Teams Connector

Make the most of your MS Teams Clients

Teams Connector

Queues, IVRs, Conferences and more

Use your Teams Client for All Calls

There is no longer a need to have both a Teams dialer and a dedicated PBX phone.
Now the Teams client can connect directly to CompletePBX as a device in addition to any other device the user has, or as the only device, the user will need.

Internal Calling

Using Teams Connector, it is possible to dial internally to any non-Teams extension in the organization, directly from Teams.

Teams IP-PBX

Queues, IVRs, Conferences, and more

Using Teams Connector, the Teams user can take advantage of all of CompletePBX features, receiving calls from a Queue or IVR, transferring calls within the company, receiving incoming calls from the PSTN, etc.
IP-PBX Making a call

Calling External Numbers, with Confidence

With Teams Connector you can call outside numbers directly from Teams while using the CompletePBX granular class-of-service.  This way each user can call all allowed destinations at allowed times, and the PBX administrator remains in full control.