XR3000 IP-PBX Implemented in 1/2 Day; Costs Savings for Inter-branch Calls Realized Immediately

May 6, 2010 | VoIP Case Studies, VoIP PBX News and Blog

FTS, a billing software company with several international branch locations, wanted to move from a traditional PBX shared among many companies to their own VoIP-enabled system.

The main challenge was to have a seamless transition to the new PBX with minimal downtime.

FTS chose the Asterisk-based XR3000 for its PRI (E1) support. Here are a few quotes from the customer:

“The customization possibilities of the system are vast and unlimited in many aspects.”

“Saving money was felt in the first month as we were able use the phones in our branch offices via the LAN free of charge.”

“Our IT staff loves the new system as it gives us the flexibility to manage and create new features as needed; configuring users and extensions, as well as backup and recovery of configurations, is simple and fast.”

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