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CompletePBX 5.0.54 – Click-to-Dial & Stabilization

Aug 23, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Click-to-Dial from User Portal

  • CompletePBX phone system user portal now allows the user to click-to-dial directly from any phonebook
  • When clicking on any phone number in the phonebook on the user’s portal, the user’s extension will ring and upon picking up the phone it will automatically dial the required destination.

Click to Dial in Phone System User Portal

Direct link to the CompletePBX user manual

  • A direct link to the most up-to-date CompletePBX user manual is now found at the upper right-hand side of the user interface (both PBX management and user portal):

Phone System CompletePBX User Manual Documentation


  • Wrong caller ID on call transfer using the SIP phone (not PBX) transfer function, in cases where the call came from the outside and the setting was to use the extension’s caller-ID.  In those cases the settings were not honored.  Fixed.
  •  GUI crash when using non-default voicemail timezones.  Fixed.
  • In some cases, hot-desking devices became unreachable after a specific sequence of actions.  Specifically – when a user would log into the extension and a queue via a hot-desking device and not log out of either one, and another user would log into the same device, the device would become unreachable.  Fixed.
  • Import Extensions – when a user tried to import a file with multiple devices with the same Description, instead of getting an error message, the system would accept the import file, but only create one device and ignore the others.  The issue was fixed so that such a file is no longer accepted by Import Extensions and an error indicates that device names should be unique.  The Description is used as a key and hence must be unique.
  • Complete Concierge – in case a room’s extension’s portal was disabled, check-in to the room failed.  Fixed.
  • Call recording renaming job (in Task Manager) would fail when applied to existing large databases.  Fixed.
  • Internal optimizations and cleanup