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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface on CompletePBX 5 – Now Available

Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface beta now available for CompletePBX 5 phone systems.

Unlike previous Complete Concierge versions, in the CompletePBX 5 implementation, there is no longer a need for an external Windows configurator application.  Complete Concierge is fully integrated into Complete PBX GUI to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience:

The integrated Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface utilizes capabilities of CompletePBX 5 phone-systems, such as granular class-of-service management and availability as a virtual machine. 

Call rates management can easily be managed via a csv file export and import, allowing to quickly modify, add and delete entries.  To view rates, simply search by description or prefix.

To join the beta contact us now.

Complete Concierge PMS Interface Video Tutorial