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CompletePBX 5.0.43 – New Phonebook Module, Shared VM BLF and More

Apr 5, 2018 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates


 New Phonebook Directory Module

  • A new Phonebook Directory module is now available (PBX -> Tools -> Phonebook).  The module manages phonebooks that can be retrieved by IP phones:
    • Automatically generates PBX extensions phonebook
    • It is possible to create unlimited additional phonebooks by importing CSV files
    • A link is generated to support specific phone brands directories.  Currently supported phone brands:
      • Xorcom
      • Yealink
      • Fanvil
      • Grandstream

 Additional Improvements

  • Shared voicemail BLF –  It is now possible to set up a BLF for a remote voicemail allowing several users to monitor and retrieve messages from the same voicemail box using BLF and direct dialing.
  • Analog extensions dial timeout (timeout between digits dialed) and time to dial the first digit can now be changed by the administrator.  This is useful for slow-dialing users, such as users with special needs, users in elderly care and the like.  To change the FXS profile settings:
    • go to Settings -> Technology Settings -> Profiles and choose the relevant FXS profile (or create a new one)
    • go to Advanced
    • change the relevant setting/s:
      • firstdigit_timeout: timeout for waiting for the first digit. Default: 16 seconds
      • matchdigit_timeout: timeout for waiting for a digit if the current dialed number matches a number/pattern in the current context. Default: 3 seconds.
    •   NOTE:  the setting value is set in milliseconds so to set 5 seconds for inter-digit dialing set 5000.

PBX GUI - Changing FXS Analog Extension Profile

    •  Parking GUI dialogue improved to be more user-friendly.  Options are grayed out when not relevant.
    • Asterisk packages updated to 13.20.0

Bug Fixes

  • French voice prompts fix – a previous improvement broke some of the French voice prompts.  The French voice prompts were re-recorded to better fit the CompletePBX 5 structure.
  • In some cases, after deleting a channel group some of the trunks were deleted from the database.  Fixed.
  • No busy tone – when both call-waiting and voicemail were turned off on a specific extension, calling that extension when busy would result in “decline” rather than “busy” signal.  Fixed.
  • Call forward by Grandstream and Fanvil phones would fail when done with the phone’s integral call forward feature (not using the PBX call forward feature).  Fixed.
  • It was possible to create a Hot Desking device without a password.  Fixed.
  • Voicemail status report would always show “0”.  Now it shows the actual amount of voicemail messages per extension.
  • A pattern defined in Inbound Route for DID was treated as a number and not pattern.  The result was that numbers of that pattern were not identified by the PBX as such and those calls were not sent to the proper destination.  Fixed.