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French in PBX GUI, Polycom phones and more in CompletePBX 5.0.17

Mar 22, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

New features & Improvements

  • French GUI translation has been added

CompletePBX French GUI

  • “Instructions Message” parameter was added in the IVR configuration dialog (PBX|Incoming Calls|IVR). This prompts is played now in case of the repeated IVR cycles instead of the “Welcome Message” that was used in the previous versions
  • Hot-desking devices are now included in the CSV file created by the Export Extensions module
  • Selecting extensions in the Export Extension is no longer required.  All extensions are exported in a single step.
  • the IAX2 endpoints status is displayed in the REPORTS|PBX Reports|Status|PEERS
  • CID Modifiers (PBX|Incoming Calls|CID Modifiers) module allows defining a negative value in the Length field. It allows discarding characters from the end of Caller ID string
  • Improved default values have been set for the PBX fax application. It will improve the fax-to-email receiving and the fax sending from the Web interface results
  • Improved default value (1) for the “Caller ID After Ring” parameter in the default telephony FXS profile (SETTINGS|Technology Settings|Profiles|”Default FXS Profile”)

Security-related issues

  • Portal permissions have been applied in a more strict way to avoid potential hacks.
  • When the SIP “Allow Guest” parameter (Settings|Technology Settings|SIP Setting|SECURITY) was enabled then not register SIP endpoint was able to make the outbound calls. Now only calls to the PBX extensions are permitted for such endpoints.

Fixed problems

  • Dynamic queue members state is now persistent over the PBX restarts
  • In certain circumstances, the English sound prompts became to be unavailable. Fixed.
  • Endpoint Manager allows the endpoints to download all of Polycom  configuration files
  • Solved problem that prevented the static queue members to perform the “pause”/”unpause” actions