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Starting the month of April 2019 all Xorcom CompletePBX appliances of series CXR2000 and up are going to be equipped with SSD (Solid State Drives) rather than the currently-used enterprise-grade HDD.
The change will significantly increase read and write speed, which means significant performance increase in some scenarios, especially for heavy-duty systems, TwinStar and call centers.
This change will affect the entire PBX appliance lines detailed below:
  • CXR2000, CXE2000, CTS2000  
  • CXR3000, CXE3000, CTS3000, CXTS3000
  • CXT4000, CXTS4000

The 2000 and 3000 series will have a 250 GB SSD by default (upgrade option to 500 GB SSD available) and the 4000 series will be equipped with a 500 GB SSD.

The changes will not affect pricing.