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Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface Certified with JDS Winpac

Nov 19, 2017 | IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Product News, VoIP Partnership News, VoIP PBX News and Blog

JDS Winpac PMS Compatibility

Xorcom CompletePBX with Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface has successfully completed compatibility tests with JDS Winpac hotel PMS.

Xorcom JDS Winpac
The tests have checked the full functionality of JDS Winpac PBX interface features including:

  • Guest check-in
  • Guest check-out
  • Change room phone class of service based on room occupancy
  • Enable/disable DND from PMS
  • Wake-up call order/report/cancel from the room telephone
  • Wake-up call order/report/cancel from the PMS
  • Room status report
  • Minibar status report
  • Call report posting
  • Room change
  • Guest name change
  • and more…

“Xorcom is known for its high-quality hotel phone systems,” says CEO Eran Gal “and adding JDS to the portfolio of our supported brands will allow us to expand to new regions”.