Yealink and Xorcom Announce Deep Collaboration for Enhanced IP Phone + PBX Solutions

May 23, 2023 | IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Product News, VoIP PBX News and Blog

Yealink, the world’s leading provider of IP phones, and Xorcom, a leading provider of PBX solutions, are pleased to announce their collaboration, which will enable deep compatibility between Yealink’s mainstream IP phones and Xorcom PBX. This collaboration, particularly in terms of Zero-Touch functionality and API integration, enables automatic device provisioning and synchronization, greatly improving end-user satisfaction with the entire solution. 

Yealink IP Phones

Both Yealink and Xorcom have large customer bases around the world, with sales networks in over 140 countries and regions. This deep collaboration aims to provide a more comprehensive IP Phone + PBX solution to each company’s clientele, lowering end-user costs and expanding business opportunities.

Yealink’s IP phones, known for their superior audio quality, user-friendly interfaces, and robust security, complement Xorcom’s feature-rich PBX solutions perfectly. This collaboration enables customers to take advantage of both companies’ combined strengths, resulting in a comprehensive communication solution that meets the needs of modern businesses. Customers can also benefit from seamless compatibility and streamlined provisioning processes. The Zero-Touch functionality ensures simple device setup and synchronization, eliminating the need for manual configuration and saving both end-users and IT administrators valuable time.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Xorcom to offer our customers an enhanced IP Phone + PBX solution,” said Dawson Cai, Vice President of Business Development at Yealink. “This collaboration strengthens our commitment to delivering innovative, secure, and user-friendly solutions to businesses worldwide.”

Xorcom has a long history of providing dependable, scalable, and flexible communication platforms as a trusted provider of PBX solutions. Xorcom’s collaboration with Yealink demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

“Our partnership with Yealink marks an exciting milestone in our mission to provide our customers with best-in-class PBX solutions,” said Eran, CEO of Xorcom. “Through this deep compatibility collaboration, we are combining our respective companies’ strengths to deliver an unparalleled IP Phone + PBX solution.” We enable businesses to optimize their communication infrastructure and unlock new opportunities for growth by simplifying device setup and management.”

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