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Strong Password Enforcement

  • A strong password enforcement policy is now applied to all MT Manager login passwords (admin & reseller).
  • When entering a password the user now gets a colored bar at the bottom of the field indicating the password strength (red – weak, yellow – medium, green – strong).  Only strong passwords are allowed

Multi-Tenant PBX Strong Password Enforcement

Tenant PBX & Reseller Usage Reports

  • A new Reports section was added to the MT Manager GUI.

Multi-tenant PBX Billing Reports

  • Usage reports are now available to provide information about the dynamic license usage and be used as a basis for billing.
  • The system generated CSV files of four types:
    • Full Month – historic report for the usage in any given previous month.
    • Month-to-date – average usage for the current month up until the date of the report.  This report shows the actual consumption of license usage so far for the current month.
    • Current – how many licenses are being used at this given point in time.
    • Estimated – what will be the total consumption at the end of the month if no further changes are made.
  • Report format – the report details the tenants’ information as follows:

Multi-tenant Billing Report Format

Additional Multi-Tenant PBX Changes

  • Back button – the Cancel button was replaced by a Back button.  The Back button will always send the user back to the previous dialogue (unlike the Cancel button which would send to a dialogue based on hierarchy).

Back Button in Multi-Tenant PBX

  • Performance improvements for voice routing and operating system

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong inbound in-dialog SIP requests when the SIP trunk requires registration or when SIP provider uses MT server IP address in R-URI.  Fixed.