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Hot-Desking, Queues and more Improvements in CompletePBX 5.0.22

Jun 4, 2017 | CompletePBX Change Log, VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Fixed Issues & Improvements


  • Status of the outbound fax was shown as “Sending” even when the fax has been successfully sent. Fixed.


  • DAHDI configuration script (ddetect) generated E1, T1 and BRI lines for the ‘free running’ clock synchronization method. This method is not suitable for the most of installation. Now ddetect configures the DAHDI spans for the ‘clock recovery’ method and also it sets the clock source priorities for each span (ref. /etc/dahdi/system.conf file)


  • It is now possible to load the DAHDI modules by using the /usr/share/dahdi/dahdi-modules script. In the past it didn’t work because the DAHDI configuration script (ddetect) didn’t generate the /etc/dahdi/modules file.


  • Now the queue log in/out procedure is fully completed even when the user disconnects the call too early.


  • Status of queue static members that are also hot desking extensions can now be correctly monitored by BLF and FOP2. In the past, the ‘hint’ parameter in the queue configuration file was not correctly generated for such members.


  • MOH that is configured for the queue is played to the caller when a queue member that is also a hot desking extension puts the call “on-hold”. In the past, the extension MOH was played.


  • It was possible to create an extension with a wrong extension name by using the API ‘extension’ function. Fixed.


  • Export Extensions module sets correct default values (‘no’) for the outgoing_rec, incoming_rec, fax_enabled, fax_to_mail and vm_enabled for the hot desking extensions now. In the previous version the values were set as ‘yes’.


  • It was possible to configure an extension with one digit phone number when the minimum extension phone number length is 2 digits. Fixed.


  • Look of the unassigned devices list in the Endpoint Manager was distorted after the administrator unassigned one of already assigned devices.

CompletePBX virtual PBX is available for free download.

To get the latest version run the yum update command after importing the CompletePBX virtual PBX to your virtualization platform.