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RUAT customer with Xorcom IP-PBX and Astribank USB connected channel banks

Ing. Arturo Ordoñez, RUAT, in front of the communications rack that houses two Xorcom IP-PBX and two Astribank chassis with TwinStar functionality.

RUAT is an institution that needs to maintain constant communication with the local governments to provide timely and effective support to Bolivian citizens. Consequently, one of the main concerns is to have the necessary number of telephone lines to meet claims at lower costs and with a wider range of services (IVR, CRMs, etc.).

ICTEC, a local system integrator, proposed a high availability solution based on the Xorcom TwinStar (redundant servers) approach. The required equipment included two XR3000 IP-PBX appliances and two Astribanks (XR0047 with an E1 port supporting 30 channels and an XR0010 with 16 FXS ports and 16 FXO ports).

As per Ing. Arturo Ordoñez of RUAT:

The Xorcom high availability solution provides reassurance about our communications system uptime and is compatible with the mission and vision of our institution. Countless customer support services can be provided by this server, starting with CRM solutions (customers from local governments, police, customs and the general public), virtual appointment books loaded in IP phones, IVR’s and customer queues.”

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