Rapid Recovery Image Update 20180620

Jul 2, 2018 | VoIP PBX Technical Updates

CompletePBX Download Images Updated 


 Hardware Description

8GB USB disk on key (DOK)

Software Description


New Version

Previous Version

Software package





  • The software is based on Debian Stretch.
  • The hard disk folders where CompletePBX keeps the custom recording, fax and dictation files are backed up and restored correctly. The users are able to access the files via the GUI after the system is restored. It became be possible because the new Rapid Recovery software is capable now to handle the Access List file attributes.
  • This version is compatible with all Xorcom appliance motherboards except two motherboards that were used in old XR2000 models:
    – Atom D525 CPU based
    – Celeron D201GLY CPU based
  • This version is capable to restore images that were created by the older Rapid Recovery versions
  • The backups that are created by this version can be restored by the older Rapid Recovery versions
  • Images of Complete PBX 5.x, CompletePBX 4.x and Elastix are supported.

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