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Xorcom VoIP PBX Customer Reviews

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CompletePBX VNF Configuration with Cloud-init

CompletePBX VM/VNF now supports provisioning using the cloud-init service. In such setup, cloud-init is responsible for the individual instance initial setup, based on the specific service provider requirements, determining things such as disk space, licensing, etc. Cloud-init technology is used by many orchestration systems and cloud service providers, such as OpenStack, Ubuntu, AWS,...

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New Firmware for Xorcom UC Series IP Phones

New firmware versions are available for the Xorcom UC series IP phones, including bug fixes and improvements. The latest firmware is available for download here: UC902: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC902/fw900M.rom UC912G: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC912G/fw900M.rom UC924: http://updates.xorcom.com/ipphones/UC924/fw920M.rom...

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Xorcom brochures for IP PBX, Hotel PBX, Multi-Tenant PBX and other VoIP products

Xorcom IP PBX Brochures English, Spanish English Xorcom IP PBX brochure (PDF) Complete Concierge (Hotel Phone System) (PDF) MT (Multi-Tenant PBX) Manager brochure (PDF) Twinstar brochure (PDF) UC series IP phones brochure (PDF) All Xorcom products brochure (PDF) Astribank brochure (PDF) Xorcom peripherials brochure (PDF) SpanishXorcom IP PBX Brochure (PDF)Complete Concierge brochure (PDF)MT...

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Supervision Switchboard for PBX Tenants

Supervision Switchboard is now available for MT Manager multi-tenant PBX platform (starting MT Manager version 1.0.19).The Supervision Switchboard allows real-time monitoring of calls, agents, queues, parked calls and more, as well as conference call management, phonebooks, direct calling, controlling extension diversions and more.In addition, the Supervision Switchboard offers internal chat...

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Asterisk Gateway

Astribank is a versatile USB-gateway specifically designed for the Asterisk IP-PBX. Astribank supports all the common telephony interfaces for lines (trunks) and extensions: FXS, FXO, BRI, E1/T1 PRI, T1 CAS and E1 R2. The Astribank driver is a part of the standard Asterisk distribution.

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Telecommunications – Odyssey Systems (United Kingdom)

“The quality of support and speed of response to queries is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend David and TeleSpeak when looking for a flexible and adaptive Telecom solution.”


Hospitality – The Springs Resort & Spa (USA)

“We chose Xorcom because the hospitality-focused features of Complete Concierge, the Astribank hardware, and the PMS integration met our requirements perfectly — at half the cost of some of the competing bids.”


Education – El Dorado Schools (USA)

“With Xorcom, we didn’t have to change our network switches, we were able to fully implement the proper VoIP design on the existing infrastructure.”


Manufacturing – Crossville (USA)

“The fact that we got the ability to make our own decisions in the future, and weren’t hamstrung by expensive licensing and support, were what drew me to the Xorcom product.”


Hospitality – Hotel Jerome (USA)

“The Xorcom solution allows us to get what we need, and then later expand, without having additional burdens such as license restrictions.”


IT – Correct Group (United Kingdom)

“The Xorcom system is a reliable, scalable and easily configurable voice solution.”


Hospitality – Hotel Paradies (Switzerland)

“We were surprised how quickly the installation process went… we were able to use the new systems without problems on the afternoon of the first day.”


Senior Care – Redstone Highlands (USA)

“The Xorcom platform gives us the ability to deploy additional extensions very quickly, saving both time and money over the prior platform.”


Hospitality – Filitheyo Resort (Maldives)

“Xorcom made our IP Telephony transition very smooth. The new IP telephony system gives more personalized treatment to our guests, facilitates better service opportunities to our staff, and provides better control to the technical team.”


Government – RUAT (Bolivia)

“The Xorcom high availability solution provides reassurance about our communications system uptime.”


Real Estate – Shriram Properties (India)

“The Xorcom solution saves costs and improves employee productivity. It is the best phone system we ever experienced.”