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VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Xorcom CompletePBX Separates from Ombutel

After two and a half years that Xorcom has been one of the driving forces behind the successful Ombutel project, today we are announcing we are parting ways with Ombutel.   The project was...

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VoIP VNF - PBX as a Virtual Network Function under NFV Running VoIP Phone System as VNF under NFV Environment Become VNF Technology Partner Xorcom IP PBX IP PBX Products VNF IP PBX NFV Architecture...

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Xorcom to Join RAD’s D-NFV Alliance

After intensive tests, RAD recently announced adding Xorcom its D-NFV Alliance. As a member of the D-NFV alliance, Xorcom’s CompletePBX VoIP phones system is being offered as a VNF (Virtual...

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